An Electric Fence for Your Dog by Fencing Company Austin

For any fence-related services, you must go to a fencing company Austin. It can be the electric fence for your dog too. You may go for the electric fence if you have a dog. It will give your dog the freedom of movement, and you will be at ease. In this way, you can keep your dog inside your area. The size will depend on the size of your location. It takes a little time to install. Your dog’s training will not take more than seven days to finish.

The Function of An Electric Fence

The other name for electronic pet containment is the electric dog fence. It is one kind of training system for your dog. Your dog will be inside the fence through a little electric charge. The interesting fact about the fence is that it is invisible with a transmitter plugged into an outlet. Thus, there comes out a signal which goes through the entire wires. Finally, there is a secret boundary. It will signal through the dog’s collar sounds when the dog goes near the boundary.

The receiver must respond through a static correction if the dog does not stop. Although it will not harm your dog, teaching your dog to remain safe inside the boundary is not very soothing. As the boundary is hidden, nobody will see it. But the location is known to your dog. As a result, you are creating a boundary for your dog not to let out or dig into the ground. You can even keep your dog away from your lovely garden or swimming pool in this way.

The dog collar’s charge is a little stronger than the static electric shock. It will not harm your dog, but it will get your dog’s attention. When your dog’s training is over, your pet will learn to respond through the audio signal and will not get the shock in the future. But you must install an electric fence for your dogs with lower voltage. Not like the higher voltage of the static electricity we use every day.

Times Which Are Not Good for Electronic Containment

Electronic containment is not a good selection for vicious, guard, or sick dogs. But it is a perfect way to create a boundary for your dog and train it properly. Before installing an electric fence, you can once go to talk to your veterinarian regarding the electricity fence whether it is harmful to your dog or not. Again, there is no certainty that this system will work for each dog. You will find out that some dogs are unwilling to obey the signal they will get from the transmitter. Moreover, there will be some aggressive dogs too, which will only want to cross the yard at any cost. For the stronger dogs, there are unique collars that will assist in emitting spray citronella or shock in the face of the dog so that it stays in the same place.

Now It Is the Time to Train Your Dog

There are white flags at the boundary line where the dog will get the warning sound like a beep. You can remove the flags when the training is over. Again, you will have to fix a time for your dog’s training. Keep aside 48 hours from your busy schedule. It may be a weekend or other holidays. You have to avoid any interruption during your dog’s training, and can divide the training hour too.

You can attach a receiver with the dog’s collar for one hour and put a leash on your pet. Now lead it to the boundary. Check on the flags once again. Give the dog a chance to go to the boundary edge alone. But the distance should be compatible so that it can hear the beep sounds from the receiver collar. You must pull the leash at once whenever there is a beep sound and bring your dog back to the safe area.

When your dog gets there, let it sit, reward your pet with any of its favorite treats, and don’t forget to praise him. Now you must repeat the same thing each hour by taking the dog to the boundary. Please use some signs after the flags, which may allure it to go to the other side of the boundary. This distraction will be beneficial for your dog. But you should not address the name of the dog. It is better to command it by saying only “Come!” or “Here!”.

But if you take a break within 48 hours, don’t let the dog come outside the boundary. You will have to begin the training again if it manages to reach there. After 48 hours of training, you should test your dog now to see how much it has learned. Let it roam around like earlier. If it does not cross the boundary, it is learning. You must pull your dog at least 50 times to train him well.

Final Comments

A fence installer Austin will install an electric fence for your dog efficiently. You can keep your dog within your property for its safety. During this time, you can complete any serious task without worrying about your beloved pet!